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The All-in-One Discord bot! Add a fresh coat of paint to your server with levels, moderation, logs, social alerts and more! Dyno mee6 probot

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Arcane Bot Features

Arcane is a powerful and versatile Discord bot that aims to enhance your server experience. With an array of exciting features, Arcane offers everything you need to create a vibrant and engaging community.

Leveling 🆙
  • Gamify your server with a rewarding leveling system.
  • Members earn experience and climb the ranks by participating. Boost your server’s retention!
  • Unlock special perks and roles as they level up.
Moderation 🛡️
  • Keep your server safe with advanced moderation tools using Discord AutoMod.
  • Set up AutoMod to manage spam and offensive content.
  • Manage roles, bans, kicks, and warnings efficiently.
Custom Commands ⚙️
  • Personalize your server with custom commands.
  • Create commands for server information, greetings, and more.
  • Tailor Arcane to fit your community’s unique needs.
Reaction Roles 👍
  • Simplify role assignment with reaction roles.
  • Members can easily pick roles by reacting to messages.
  • Streamline user experience and server organization.
Welcome Messages 🌈
  • Make new members feel at home with custom welcome messages.
  • Greet newcomers with warm and personalized messages.
  • Set the right tone for a friendly and welcoming community.
More is added each month
  • We try to release new features as soon as we can :)

With Arcane, you have all the tools you need to create a thriving Discord community. Experience the magic of Arcane and elevate your server today!

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