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General purpose Discord bot supporting role management, custom emotes for non-nitro users, configurable response commands, music, and more.

architus has web dashboard for configuring settings and viewing server information. Also check out our docs for more in-depth details on features.


auto responses

users can configure architus to listen for and respond to message patterns using an extensive syntax. Supports keywords in the response to substitute in random choices, random words, or capture groups.


architus supports basic voice channel music playback. Can easily be disabled if another music bot is in use.

emoji manager

architus can intelligently cache and hotload emojis if your server struggles to stay under the maximum limit.


  • a schedule poll that allows users to respond yes, no, or maybe to an event at a specific time
  • a generic poll that tallies up the responses to a prompt


  • graph of messages by members
  • graph of server growth over time
  • graph of the spread of covid-19 in the US
  • % correct spelling checker


  • rendering complex latex equations directly in chat
  • check stock prices
  • pickup games (pugs) organizer
  • starboard channel

admin features

  • purge command
  • role management
  • advanced settings panel
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.