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Arty bot is a fun and useful command rich multipurpose Discord bot with no specific purpose.
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Arty Bot. A multipurpose discord bot.

ArtyBot is a multipurpose bot that has a plethora of different commands you can use. These include Server/Bot commands, Anime Commands, Fun Commands, Music Commands as well as Misc Commands!
With this bot you can play games with a friend! Reverse search a screenshot from an Anime! Check your city’s weather! Get memes straight from reddit! Play trivia! (Note the trivia global leaderboard command stores userID and guildIDs), Chess!, TicTacToe, Connect4! Check your Hypixel/MC statistics and much more!

To checkout what else you can do you can simply visit the website.

Basic Usage: To get started you can run the command /help

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.