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Astrix, has 240+ Commands which includes Interaction, Fun, High Quality Music, Moderation, Customization, Embeds, Welcome/Goodbye etc...

Astrix, the Ultimate Multipurpose Discord Bot made for you Users to enjoy Discord to it’s Fullest!

With 240+ Commands, Astrix is one of the most usable and feature rich Discord Bots out there!

Astrix is not a Gaming Bot (or) a Bot for Gaming! If you are inviting this bot for a Gaming Server for Games, I won't advice you to. But what you can invite is for Music, Since It's one of the best Music Bots with many features

• Motivation ? Sorry I don’t have any. - Lawliet
• As long as I win in the end… That’s all that matters. - Kiyotaka Ayanokouji

Also the prefix is User-Customizable! Meaning you can set anything as prefix and would work well! Upto 15 prefixes can be added per user. But please don’t abuse it :)

Update: Now servers can configure up to 15 prefixes! Use a.guildprefix to view Information about it. Note: Enabling guilprefix will prevent users from using their custom prefixes

Command Categories:-

  • Anime Characters 💖(Waifus included)
  • Interaction Commands 👫
  • Fun Commands 😜
  • Music Commands 🎧
  • Moderation Commands ⚠
  • Autoreply Command 💬
  • Blacklist Command 📵
  • Emoji Management (Steal Emotes) 🐱‍🚀
  • Couple’s Commands (Marriage, Divorce, Children, Family)💑
  • Meme Commands 😏
  • Welcome-Goodbyes 🤼
  • Miscellaneous Commands ☢
  • English Series 👀
  • K-POP Idols 🎤
  • Quotes 🖋

Total Commands - 220+ Commands🎇

Anime Characters:-
• Anime Characters Commands are commands where you can view GIFs of various Anime Characters! These include Lawliet, Light, Ryuk, Shouya Ishida etc… Waifus include ZeroTwo, Aqua, Emilia, Violet, Shouko Nishimiya, Asuna!. Feel free to check them out!

Interaction Commands:-
Interaction Commands are the way through which you can Interact with your friends and others in Discord. You can express your feelings, emotions towards that other person. Even if you can’t interact with them directly, you can do it with Astrix. At the time of writing, Astrix has 25+ Interaction Commands! Interaction Commands include hug, kill, kiss, pat, poke, slap, handhold etc…

Fun Commands:-
• Fun Commands are a way to express your happiest, saddest, joyful, cheerful, cherished and even the the most sorrowful moments through Astrix. Other than that, there are other fun commands too!

Music Commands:-
• One of the most used and one of the best feature Astrix has to offer, Music Commands! You can play, pause, resume, remove, shuffle, loop, find lyrics, skip, skip to a specific song, control volume etc… with Astrix!

• With Astrix, you can play YouTube Song/Playlist Links, Spotify Song/Playlist Links, Play automagically using a Song Name, or Play a Song manually of your choice using a Song Name! Control the Volume of the Song, Add songs to Queue and the list goes on!

• There are around 18 Music Commands in Astrix and is one of the Best-in-Class!

Moderation Commands:-
• Moderation Commands are the way to hold control of your server. To prevent people from spamming to ban people. Astrix provides Moderation Commands which are super useful with Moderation in your Server!

Autoreply Command:-
• Autoreply command is one of the most used command in Astrix. You can use this command to make the bot reply when a specific word is present in the message. You can use anything as the word but please keep it appropriate. Try a.autoreply in a Text Channel.

Blacklist Command:-
• Blacklist command is one such command which can be most usable for any server. This command is used to blacklist certain words which you feel like should not be used (or) is inapproriate. Try a.blacklist to add/remove/view blacklist words.

Emoji Management:-
• Addition to Moderation, Astrix is helplful in Managing your Emojis in Server. Using a.steal basically you can add any emoji to your Server without a Hassle!

Custom Embeds!
• Also, you can add Custom Embeds using Astrix! Use a.embed to learn more!

• With Astrix, you can set up Welcome and Goodbyes which welcomes the Joined Member using an Embed which is fully Customizable! (or) send an embed to a channel when a user Leaves :(
(The user is pinged by default for welcome)

Couples Commands:-
• Well, ever thought of how marriage will be ? Then this category is for you! Astrix has marry and divorce commands! You can marry your soul mate (or) divorce them in a real life-like manner if things doesn’t go well!

• Adopt Children, Abandon them, parents, Siblings, Grand Parents. Show off your family to others! Check it out!

• Astrix also has a Meme Command that gives a random meme from Reddit!

Miscellaneous Commands:-
• Here comes all the fun stuffs you’ve been waiting for! Miscellaneous Commands are the way to go when you want to try some new exciting stuffs. There are 8ball, Animeinfo (for getting info about an anime), Fortune, GIF Finder, Ship Command, Translator and many more! Just try all these commands and see for yourself!

K-POP Idols:-
• Astrix has commands for all of the 7 BTS Members! More to be added soon! Check them out!

• Be it a Heart-Breaking Quote (or) a Motivation Quote! Astrix has 3 quote commands! Be sure to try those!

Got a Suggestion ? DM lolliellolliate#2272 your suggestion (or) Use a.suggest your suggestion comes here to send your suggestion!

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Thanks for using Astrix! It means a lot to spend your precious time for me! I really appreciate and I’m glad you’ve read till this :)

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Prefix: a. (User | Guild Customisable)
Servers: 1.80k
Users: 283k
Created by: lolliellolliate#2272
Short link: discord.ly/astrix-0269