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this bot wil handle evrything in your discord server

-help ⮞ Shows all your Help Commands.!

-help-api ⮞ Sends IP/API commands.

-help-mod ⮞ Sends Moderation commands.

-help-server1 ⮞ Sends Server commands.

-help-server2 ⮞ Sends Server commands.

-help-setup ⮞ Sends bot setup commands/info.

-help-leveling ⮞ Sends bot leveling system setup commands/info.

-help-verify ⮞ Sends verification/captcha commands.

If you find any bug or have any sugestion please let me know or join our support severver.

I hope you guys wil enjoy this bot alot also if you find spelling errors just let me know pls!

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Prefix: - (changeble)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: .BELGIUM_420.#6022
Short link: discord.ly/atom