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Allow your users to dynamically create voice channels as they need them, and automatically delete them when they're empty.

An open source bot that dynamically creates voice channels as they’re needed, and automatically deletes them as soon as they are no longer used.


Run vc/create and I’ll make a new primary channel for you. When users join this channel, I’ll make a new channel for them and move them to it.

The new channel will by default be named according to the game they are playing together, e.g. “#1 [Warframe]”, and will rename itself if they start to play a different game - but you can change this to anything you like (see the command reference below).

Once everybody leaves the channel, it’ll be automatically deleted.

If you need any more help, check the wiki, read the FAQ, or join the support server.

If you like this bot, and want to help keep it alive, support me on Patreon :) https://www.patreon.com/pixaal


Here are the most commonly used commands. For the full list of commands available and more detail on how to use them check the wiki.


Create a new primary voice channel.

Primary channels are “button” channels that you click on to create a new secondary channels. The default channel name is “➕ New Session”, but you can rename it to whatever you like by right clicking on it and editing it as usual. Discord supports standard emoji in voice channel names, but not custom or discord-specific emoji.

The primary channel will be created somewhere near the top of your server, you can move it down to wherever you like. Just make sure that the bot has permission to create and edit voice channels there.


Secondary channels that get created with primary channels will be named according to your template. This command lets you change the template. The default template is ## [@@[email protected]@].

See here for a full list of available template variables that you can use to customize your channel names, including examples.


Make your voice channel private, preventing anyone from joining you directly.

Creates a “⇩ Join (username)” channel above you so people can request to join you. When someone joins that channel, the bot will send you a message asking you to approve/deny/block their request.

vc/lock or vc/limit

Lock or set the user limit of your channel to prevent any more people from being able to join.

These two are actually the same command and are duplicated for convenience. If you do not add a number at the end (e.g. running vc/lock), it will set the user limit to the current number of users in the channel. If you do add a number (e.g. vc/limit 5), it will set the limit to that number.

If you want to do this permanently for all secondaries created by the same primary channel, either just edit the user limit of the primary channel itself, or use vc/defaultlimit.


A quick test command to check the bot is working, and show its response time. Frequently high response times (>2s) may indicate performance issues.

Also displays the server region and region the bot is hosted in. The closer together these regions are the better your response times should be.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.