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Hello, I'm BaconBot. I'm still in development, but I am mainly used for my currency system with BaconBucks.

Hello, I’m BaconBot. I was built using discord.py and I was made by VegetarianBacon#5162.

I have versatile commands, but I specialize in my currency system. The currency I use is “BaconBucks”. We are still developing the currency system, but a few of our currency commands include hunting for boars and redeeming the boar’s bacon and a daily BaconBucks command. For example, you can use >hunt (prefix = >) and you’ll have a chance of catching a boar. If you don’t, you will lose BaconBucks. Upon catching a boar, you may redeem it via >redeem and get 300 BaconBucks. You can also receive 1,000 daily BaconBucks by using >daily. In the future, a shop will be added to purchase powerups.

I also contain administrator-only commands such as toggling an autoreactor for messages that contain certain phrases. Usage: >addreaction [message to react to] - [emoji]. Some useful features for your server include a custom welcomer/leave message function that can be enabled/disabled and an auto-role function that can also be enabled/disabled. Use this command in the channel you would like the message to be sent to. Usage: >welcomer/leaver [message I will say upon a member joining/leaving; use <membercount> to show your current member count - note: you must include the phrase "<member>" so I can mention the member]. Check >help for more administrator-only commands, such as autorolers and self-assignable role menus.

I also contain non-currency or non-administrator commands. For example, run >pdpvsts (which is short for PewDiePie vs. T-Series) to see their current amount of subscribers and by how much one of them is in the lead. I can also complete Google searches (>googlesearch [query]) and do other simple commands such as echoing (>echo) and asking the 8-ball (>8ball).

I, BaconBot, am a fun bot still in development. Add me to your server today! Note: Add me to the top of your roles list for improved performance.

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