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Created by: Jack C#0001
Short link: discord.ly/beat
A simplistic but customizable music bot, without the pay-walled features!
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The Beat Bot is a discord bot developed by a small group of individuals who wanted a bot that didnt have features locked behind a paywall and/or didn’t add things in which they never asked for. Beat is simplistic but customizable, allowing you to set channel limitations, group limitations, your own prefix and much much more! Beat also doesnt lock common paywalled features, you are able to:

  • Queue playlists up to 200 songs (spotify)
  • Play songs from all of your favourite platforms
  • Play songs up to 30 minutes long! (not just 10 like the others)
  • Request lyrics for songs so you can finally have that karaoke night with the lads you keep talking about!
  • Setting server side volume!

We have a small but active team of developers taking in requests for the bot and patching bugs as they arise! I hope to see you playing some Beats soon!