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A multi-purpose Discord Bot that's sure to bring life into your Community.
You can vote once every 12 hours.
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BendBot Commands

bb!avatar - Get the avatar URL of the tagged user(s), or your own avatar.
bb!ban - Bans a user from the server. (Requires member to have Kick perms.)
bb!bassboost - Boosts the bass yo. Use for sick beats. (Toggle)
bb!help - List all of my commands or info about a specific command.
bb!kick - Kicks a user from the server. (Requires member to have Kick perms.)
bb!meme - Displays a fresh meme for your entertainment from random meme sub-reddits. You can click the title to be directed to the reddit post.
bb!nowplaying - Now playing command.
bb!pause - Pause music if playing.
bb!ping - Gets current ping.
bb!play - Plays music from YouTube, Twitch, or SoundCloud.
bb!purge - Purges specified amount of messages.
bb!queue - Queue command.
bb!resume - Resume music if paused.
bb!skip - Skips the currently playing track. (Votes required for more than 3 listeners)
bb!stop - Stops playing, disconnects from voice, and clears queue.
bb!volume - Changes volume if value is specified, otherwise outputs current volume.

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