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A high-quality multipurpose bot with music, automod, agreement system, and more.
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Bender brings several well-made and unique features that make it a perfect choice for almost any server. To name a few:

  • High-quality music powered by Lavalink, the same music engine used in Rythm, Dyno, and many other bots.
  • A customizable agreement system to require users to accept the rules/terms before joining your server.
  • Over 20 commands for moderation and automod, to keep your server clear of spammers and other undesirable people.
  • Commands to retrieve game stats for players of many different games, including Apex Legends, CSGO, PUBG, Battlefield V, and many more.
  • Image editing commands & meme creation commands (available with Bender Pro)

and many moreā€¦

Plus, Bender is always being updated and improved. To see all its features, see our command list.

Official site: https://benderbot.co/ | Web dashboard: https://dashboard.benderbot.co

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