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Created by: Josh#5318
A customisable censor bot with features you won't find anywhere else.

BetterCensoring is a new, highly customisable word filtering bot that gives you access to a range of useful features.

Here are just some of the features available: • Filtering edited messages and members' nicknames • Choose how strict the filter is, whether that means ignoring spaces or filtering attempted bypasses • Bypass detection feature that can remove inappropriate cyrillic characters, zalgo, fancy text and more • Have messages automatically be reposted by a webhook representing the user, with the phrases censored • Avoid filtering messages from users with a specified role

Example: https://s.joshl.io/ai1g6.gif

BetterCensoring is constantly being updated to give you access to useful new features that help you ensure the safety of your community.

Interested? Give it a go! BetterCensoring is extremely easy to setup in your server!