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the bot bulid to protect your server, +help for help!. the bot has the best verification system
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First of all, Short information about us, We are BetterGuard Team, 3 Israeli developers and programmers. Our purpose on this bot is to help discord servers and discord users.

BetterGuard Bot (BGB) is a discord bot made and
was programmed using Python programming language and The Discord Python official library, discord.py.

The bot has advanced and powerful functions, commands and systems. Among them existing the highly recommended system, Easy Verification or in their short name, EV System. EV System is a high-level security system that helping discord servers to secure their server from bot users, fake users and unwanted users who use and misuse the server.

Our bot is friendly, helpful and comfortable to the user, He has clear commands, and of course, a main help command that explains them all on comfortably and arranged ways.

In addition, our bot supports discord developer portal and discord developers, and encourages people to start programming and developing their bots |:

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