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Keep track of member birthdays in your discord!
You can vote once every 12 hours.
Once you press Upvote, you may be prompted asking if you wish to recieve notifications.
This will remind you in 12 hours that you can vote again!

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Admins Commands:

  • setchannel - Sets the channel where birthday announcements will be sent.
  • delchannel - Remove the configured announcement channel.
  • role - Set up a birthday role.
  • delrole - Remove the configured birthday role.
  • forcesetup - Forcefully set up a member’s birthday.
  • announce - Force announce a member’s birthday.
  • purge - Remove a user’s birthday.
  • purgeall - Remove the birthdays of users that have left the server.
  • check - Check whether a user has a birthday setup.
  • togglesetup - Toggle the ability for members/roles to set up their birthday.
  • toggleping - Toggle what is mentioned when a member’s birthday is announced.
  • blacklist - Blacklist a member from using the bot on the server.
  • blacklistrole - Blacklist a role preventing role members from using the bot.
  • blacklisted - List of all the server blacklisted users.
  • whitelist - Whitelist a member to resume using the bot.
  • whitelistrole - Whitelist a role so its members can resume using the bot.

Premium Commands:

  • age - Add your age to your birthday announcement.
  • delage - Remove the age you have set.
  • toggleage - Toggle the ability for users to add their ages into birthday announcements.
  • setimage - Set the birthday announcements embed image.
  • delimage - Remove the configured image for announcement embeds.
  • setmessage - Set the birthday announcement message.
  • delmessage - Remove the configured birthday announcement message.
  • setprefix - Set a custom prefix for this server.

User Commands:

  • setup - Set your timezone and birthday.
  • birthday - View your birthday information.
  • preview - Preview how your announcement will look.
  • clear - Remove the birthday that you have stored.

Miscellaneous Commands:

  • analytics - View the main bot’s analytics from Void Bots.
  • birthdays - View the configured birthdays for the server.
  • help - View all the bot commands.
  • server - View the bot configuration and birthday statistics.
  • stats - View the statistics of the bot.
  • info - View bot information.
  • shardinfo - View the statistics of all the shards.
  • debug - Debug the bots required permissions.
  • bug - Report a bug.
  • ping - View the latency of the bot and API.
  • invite - A link to invite the bot.
  • privacy - Privacy policy of the bot.
  • suggest - Suggest a feature for the bot.
  • rate - Rate the bot on various bot lists.
  • reviews - Look at the bot’s reviews from Void Bots.
  • vote - Links to vote for the bot.
  • voted - Check when you or others last voted.
  • votes - View all of the bot voters.
  • premium - View bot’s premium information.
  • redeem - Redeem a subscription for this server.
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