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A ROBLOX multipurpose Discord bot for advanced statistics, information, and safety to your server!
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Have you ever wanted an advanced roblox bot? With stats, guild commands, and more?

Introducing, Bloxy! The future of roblox discord bots.

With Bloxy, you are able to get players, games, groups and more stats & information!
There are also guild commands that can be used to keep safety to your server, and a bunch of customization

Invite Bloxy to your server for advanced statistics and information, as well as keeping your server safe!

Do you want to know a players avatar items but too lazy to check? Bloxy can help!
Do you need an advanced verification system that uses ROBLOX? Bloxy can help!
Do you need a ROBLOX multipurpose discord bot to help your server grow? BLOXY CAN HELP!!

documentation - https://max-51.gitbook.io/bloxy-documentation/
website - https://bloxy.digital
support server - https://discord.gg/y7C5sR6bXu

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.