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This is a moderation bot, but also has some fun commands. You can do thing like mute members and ban them and other stuff.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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•Invite Gives You A Link To Invite Me To Your Server
•perms Allows you to see the perms a command needs
•ping lets you see the bots ping
•purge allows you to bulk delete in a channel
•suggest Allows you to request a command on me
•whois Allows you to see who a member is.
•nick allows you to change my name
•unnick resets my nickname
•id check the id of someone else or yourself with this command!
•role Allows you to add and remove roles from a user
•ban Bans a member
•unban unbans a banned member
•warn Warns a member and logs the warn
•warns allows you to see how many warns someone has
•mute Allows you to mute someone for some time
•unmute Unmutes a user
•kick kicks a user from the server
•softban Deletes a users messages for the passed week then bans them and unbans them, kinda like a kick but it deletes all their messages in the past week
•help Gives you some info on the bot!
•serverinfo Shows info on the server you say it in

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