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Bottons lets you find and share sound buttons in your Discord servers
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Bottons has the biggest collection of buttons that you can use on your Discord servers.

✨ You can play sound buttons in your channel directly from the website! ✨

1️⃣ Make sure you are in a voice channel with Bottons (use .join or .connect)
2️⃣ Link your Discord account in the website https://bottons.xyz
3️⃣ Start playing buttons from the website!

Discord commands
▶️ .play <button name>: Play a sound button
🎲 .random: Plays a random sound button
🔎 .search <term>: Search for sound buttons
⛔ .stop: Stop playing the current button
✅ .join or .connect: Connect Bottons to your voice channel
❌ .leave or .disconnect: Disconnect Bottons from your voice channel

🚧 Administration
📣 .prefix <new prefix>: Change the prefix for this server
💡 Information
❓ .help: Show available commands
✉️ .invite: Invite link for Bottons
🌐 .web: Link to the Bottons website
🏓 .ping: Check Botton’s response time
ℹ️ .info: Show information about Bottons

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.