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CactusFire Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the full list of Frequently Asked Questions for the CactusFire Discord Bot with this guide. Easily navigate through the FAQs and find the perfect answer to your needs.

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What is CactusFire?

CactusFire is a multifunctional Discord bot that offers a variety of commands and functions to make your Discord experience more enjoyable.

How do I add CactusFire to my Discord server?

You can add CactusFire to your server by visiting our website at https://invite.cactusfire.xyz/ and following the simple installation instructions.

What kind of commands does CactusFire offer?

CactusFire offers hundreds of commands and functions, including automod, utility, and fun features.

Is CactusFire free to use?

Yes, CactusFire is free to use. However, we also offer a premium version with additional features and benefits.

Is CactusFire available in languages other than English?

Currently, CactusFire is only available in English and Spanish. However, we are working to add support for additional languages in the future.

Can I suggest new features or commands for CactusFire?

Yes, we encourage our users to suggest new features or commands for CactusFire. You can submit your suggestions by joining our support server or contacting our support team.