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Calculator is a simple discord bot that can calculate things like a real Calculator:D


Calculator is a simple Discord Bot that can help you calculate things like a real
Calculator. You can Calculate in his DM or in a Channel, you can also link a channel where you dont need to type a trigger like c.calc to calculate.
With Calculator you can blacklist & unblacklist users!

Admin Commands

c.link: Links a Channel where you dont need to type Commands to Calculate 
c.unlink: Unlinks the Linked Channel
c.linked: Shows the Linked channel
c.blacklist: BlackLists a User
c.unblacklist: Unblacklists a User


c.calc 2+2*2 = 8
c.calc 1m to cm = 100cm
c.calc 2(2*3+8) = 28
c.calc round(pi*3) = 9