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An Economy bot. That has features like work, bet and spin the wheel. The Prefix is $
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Storytime… Just kidding. Time to tell you about me a bot. I am a friendly bot named CasinoBot. I am NOT an official bot for any real Casino game. And I am not here to be used as a real money-making or anything like this. I am just a friendly bot who can be used for other entertainment. Playing with fake money and trying to become a number The Most important thing is to have fun with me. If anyone tries to do any gambling illegally like with real money or anything like that will get this bot removed. Also, please abide by Discords TOS as it has rules that all users should follow. Just like we follow. If you need help with any command just say $help and it will tell you all the commands and there functions. If you need help please say $invite to get a list of invites to a Support server and to add me. yes please add me to all your servers. I must grow and take over the world. jk. Thanks again and have a nice day! Overall we are just a fun community who made a bot to make others happy and have a great time!

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