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Find the most active users in a server, your past avatars & names, play trivia, casino, akinator, blackjack, weather, music, and much more!

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  • %join (channel): Joins a voice channel.
  • %leave: Leaves the voice channel.
  • %play (song): Adds a song to the queue.
  • %queue: View the queue.
  • %pause: Pauses the current song.
  • %resume: Resumes a paused song.
  • %skip: Vote to skip the current song.
  • %superskip: Moderator-only command that instantly skips the current song.
  • %np: Shows the currently playing song.
  • %loop: Loops the currently playing song.
  • %remove (song): Removes a song from the queue.
  • %cleanup: Removes queued songs from users who are now longer in the voice channel.
  • %removeduplicates: Remove duplicate songs from the queue.
  • %volume (volume): Changes the volume.


  • %pastavatars (user): Find a user’s previous avatars.
  • %names (user): Find a user’s previous names.
  • %activity: Shows the most (and least) active users of a server.
  • %notify: The bot will send you a DM when a certain phrase is mentioned in a server.
  • %userinfo (user): Find information on a user.
  • %serverinfo: Find information on the server.
  • %avatar (user): Find a user’s current avatar.
  • %botinfo: Find information about ChampBot.


  • %21 (bet): Play Blackjack.
  • %poker (buy-in): Play Poker.
  • %videopoker (bet): Play Video Poker.
  • %tower (bet): Play Tower
  • %baccarat (bet) (tie/banker/player): Play Baccarat.
  • %roulette: Play Roulette.
  • %coinflip (bet) (heads/tails): Bet on a coinflip.
  • %war(bet): Play War.
  • %higher (number) (bet): Play Higher.
  • %crash (bet): Play Crash.
  • %slots (bet): Play Slots.
  • %rps (bet): Play Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • %mines (bet) (mines): Play Mines.
  • %gtn (bet): Play Guess the Number.
  • %diamonds (bet): Play Diamonds.
  • %hilo (bet): Play Hilo.
  • %keno (bet): Play Keno.
  • %limbo(bet): Play Limbo.
  • %stock: Buy and sell shares (based on live prices)
  • %lottery (game) (amount): Buy tickets for a lottery.
  • %steal (user): Attempt to steal money from another user.
  • %jail (user): Check how much longer a user will be in jail for.
  • %stats (user): View a user’s casino stats
  • %hideout: Enter a hideout to prevent people from stealing from you
  • %pay (user) (amount): Pay money to another user.
  • %bal: Check your balance.
  • %leaderboard: Find the richest users in the server.
  • %levelleaderboard: Find the users in the server with the highest level.
  • %claim: Claim your wages every hour.
  • %collect: Collect money every 6 hours.
  • %weekly: Claim money every week.
  • %prestige: Increase your prestige.
  • %titles: View your titles.
  • %achievements: View your achievements.
  • %profile: View your profile.
  • %stats: View your casino stats.
  • %vote: Vote for ChampBot every 12 hours for a reward.


  • %ask (question): Ask for information on any topic.
  • %weather (city): Finds the current weather in the given city.
  • %trivia: Asks a trivia question.
  • %akinator: Play Akinator.
  • %wordle: Play Wordle.
  • %millionaire: Play “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”
  • %fbi: Shows information about a random unsolved FBI case.
  • %urban (term): Finds the Urban Dictionary definition for a term.
  • %reminder: Set a reminder that will ping you after a certain amount of time.
  • %trumpopinion (user): Trump gives his opinion on a user.
  • %fact: Sends a random fact.
  • %joke: Sends a random joke.
  • %trump: Sends a random Donald Trump quote.
  • %kanye: Sends a random Kanye West quote.
  • %dog: Sends a random picture of a dog.
  • %cat: Sends a random picture of a cat.
  • %petition: Ask the magic 8ball for advice.
  • %pp (user): Find a user’s pp size.
  • %8ball (question): Ask the magic 8ball for advice.

Management (limited to server mods)

  • %clear (amount): Clears a certain amount of messages.
  • %ban (member) : Bans a member from the server.
  • %kick (member): Kicks a member from the server.
  • %mute (member): Mutes a member in the server.
  • %unmute (member): Unmutes a muted mumber.
  • %welcome (channel): Bot will announce when a member joins the server in the given channel.
  • %logs (channel): Bot will log deleted and edited messages in the given channel.
  • %autorole (role): Bot will automatically give the specified role to any new members that join the server.


  • %inventory (user): View a user’s inventory.
  • %effects (user): View a user’s effects.
  • %use (item): Use an item in your inventory.
  • %giveitem(user) (quantity) (item): Give an item to another user.
  • %item (item): View information on an item.
  • %shop: View the shop, where you can buy items.
  • %market: Trade items with other players.
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