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Archives the text-messages and image-messages in discord servers which can then be downloaded. Also includes clearchat and pin me functions with automatic archiving when clearing chats.

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Discord archiving bot gives users an easy and effective way to archive text chats on their discord server.

The Chat Archive Bot has been designed with security in mind and all archives can only be accessed by the users that have permission to view that chat. The Chat Archive Bot is constantly developing and features such as archiving images in a chat have been recently added.

The Chat Archive Bot will send you a HTML file that includes your messages and a search bar for these messages. The Chat Archive Bot Images Archiving function is currently limited to 500 images, but will send you an external web link where the file will be temporarily hosted for you to download - this is to get around discord file upload limitations!


  1. archive {archivename} - Allows your to archive a chat which can then be downloaded.
  2. archiveall - Will archive all party member chats (Admin).
  3. archivec {channelname} - Archive a specific channel in a discord without being in that channel.
  4. varchive {archivename} - This command is used to download a chat archive.
  5. listarchives - This will give a list of all archived chats.
  6. deletearchive {archivename} - Delete a saved archive.
  7. clearchat (f) - This will DELETE ALL the message in a chat that are not pinned. The bot will automatically archive any chats that are being cleared. The f option will also delete pinned messages use with care.
  8. {message} PIN ME - Added PIN ME to your message will have the bot take this message and automatically pin it to that channel. This also works for images - simply add the PIN ME flag to your images comments and the bot will take care of the rest!

An example archive is shown below:

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