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Cheese Bot – Server management and fun


Cheese bot is a new discord bot that has been created in order for you to better manage your server along with having more fun while doing that.

Management Features

Cheese bot includes some of the most essential features that are required for good management of a server such as:

  • Ban – bans the member selected from the server
  • Kick – kicks the member selected from the server
  • Mute – mutes the member selected stopping them for sending messages
  • Clear – bulk deletes up to 100 messages from the last 14 days

Other Features and Functions
Along with those management features the bot also has some features that can be used to entertain the members of your server, such as:

  • Sends a welcome message
  • Meme- sends a random meme from various subreddits
  • Image – sends an image based on the words entered by the user
  • Jokes – replies to the user random dad jokes
  • and much more

Upcoming Features

While the bot has many features that are not displayed here for you to find out, there are also many that are on the way such as:

  • Automatic role allocation to new members on join
  • XP ranking and leaderboard system based off how many messages a user sends
  • Custom per server prefixes just in case the bot intrudes on another bots functions
  • and much more

Support and Suggestions

If you need any further assistance with the bot or would like to suggest new features of changes you are welcome to the bots dedicated Discord server.


Once the bot has been added to your amazing server, you must create a new role called Muted. This and the bot’s role must be placed above all the other roles of members you wish to mute. In addition, this role must have send messages disabled by default within all your categories or chats you wish these users to be muted in.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.