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A chopbot for LARPing online- quick rock paper scissors system. OWbN and MES friendly.

In short:
A simple ChopBot for White Wolf LARPs running through discord. Runs Rock/Paper/Scissors, Rock/Bomb/Scissors, static chops, coin-flip, card draw and simple dice rolls.

To chop, simply type !chop at the end of your message (or in a message by itself), and ChopBot will react to your message with a rock, paper, or scissors, assigned at random.

To get all commands, type !commands or !commandkey .

This bot was created to assist LARPs within White Wolf systems, including The Garou Network, OWbN, and MES to name a few, who use rock/paper/scissors methods to determine outcomes of combat. While most rock/paper/scissors bots require you to choose rock, paper, or scissors, which can take time and PM’s, etc, ChopBot randomly reacts to a message containing β€˜!chop’ with either a rock emoji, paper emoji, or scissors emoji. This saves time, ensures fairness, and keeps the clutter out of text channels.

It has a few other features, which are listed below, and most run on a reaction system as to keep text channels clear of bots replying. One notable feature is the !static feature, which eliminates the need for someone to chop against the player using it, freeing up storyteller/game master time.

!commandkey below:

Hi there! To chop, simply type ! chop (no space), and I will react to your message with a β€˜πŸŒšβ€™, β€˜πŸ“„β€™, or β€˜βœ‚οΈβ€™.
If your character has the β€˜bomb’, simply type ! chboom (no space) and I will react to that message with β€˜πŸŒšβ€™, β€˜βœ‚οΈβ€™, or β€˜πŸ’₯’.
If you need to make a static chop, type !static and I will react to your message with β€˜β›”β€™ for a fail,β€˜β™Šβ€™ for a tie, or β€˜βœ…β€™ for a success.
If you need a coin flip, type ! coin (no space). I’ll react with either a β€˜πŸ˜€β€™ for heads and β€˜πŸβ€™ for tails.
I can also do single dice rolls. You can roll by typing !dX, where X is the number of dice that you would like to roll (i.e. 4, 6, 8, etc). I’ll be able to do multidice and modifier rolls soon!
If you’re used to card draws, I can do those too. Type ! card (no space) and I will react with a number between 1-10 (ex. 1️⃣,6️⃣,πŸ”Ÿ, etc). If you have any modifiers, you can note them in your message, but I will not be adding them in the react.
If you would like to use this bot on your own server, I was built by Crackers#9904. Have fun!

We are currently using the bot in servers for The Garou Network, One World By Night, and a Mind’s Eye Society server. This bot is built for use in anyone’s system that uses rock/paper/scissors, coinflips, or carddraws as a method of determining outcomes. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the bot, and happy chopping!

Images of ChopBot in action in the link below:
It should be noted that ChopBot was the one assigning reactions to the !chop posts.


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Created by: Crackers#9904
Short link: discord.ly/chopbot