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A discord bot full with artificial intelligence! The bot is there to chat with you and to get rid of the boring everyday life.
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CleverBot is one of the most advanced
Artificial Intelligence Bot out there.
It also includes a Akinator module which will also help you
in boring days.

The bot also gives you alot of opportunities to set him up as you wish.
You can change between 2 available APIs which will give different features.
One of the best features the bot has is that he responds pretty fast to your questions.
CleverBot can also speak different languages like:

• German, Spanish, French and more.

It can also allow you to change the emotion of the answers, it has a total of 5 emotions:

• Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger and neutral.

Here is one of the top features,
CleverBot allows you to change his name and avatar when he talks to a person.

Here are some config commands

• set-api <API> <Option>: This will change the API that the bot uses to talk.
• set-emotion <Emotion>: With this command you will be able to set the emotion for CleverBot
• only-english <Option>: If you dont want any other language in your server then this command will help you with that
• asnwer-type <Option>: Sets the way that CleverBot responds.

There are wayy more commands and features to explore!

Why CleverBot?

• 24/7 Uptime
• 24/7 Support
• Frequently Updated
• Very fast response time
• Pretty nice design 
• Costumizeable Behavior

What are you waiting for, invite me now and you wont regret it?!

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