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📚 Cloe is one of the best multipurpose Discord Bot, she has functions like: Join / Leave, Automoderation, Levels, Giveaways, Tickets, Verification, AI Image Generation and much more!
🖼 AI Image Generation
With Cloe you can completly free generate so many arts like you want also with some filters to make it perfect for you!


🛠 Auto Moderation
Keep your server clean & friendly with fast and easy to configure Auto Moderation with 19 filters.


📝 Logging
Log everything, Message Events, Joins & leaves, Moderation logs. Easily can be setup.


📈 Leveling System
Cloe’s leveling system is completely free and highly configurable! Includes features like: Level Rewards, XP Multiplicator, Custom messages, Level Up Channel.


📚 Reaction Roles
Easy to setup and configurable reaction roles without any limitations and 7 types!


📯 Temp Voices
Get multiple Join to Create channels with an easy and complex setup. It has its own interface too.


🎉 Giveaways
Cloe have its own and really unique giveaway system.


📬 Applications
A Discord inbuild Application system too.


🔗 Counters
You know that thing that every guild have? MemberCounter? Cloe have this too.


🛢 Sticky Messages
When you want to stick a message to the button of a Channel here is your solution.


⚙️ Auto Responses / Custom Commands
Cloe have Auto Responses and with that you can use it as custom commmand too.


⭐ Starboard
You want to not forget a nice message? Use the starboard to save the message in a other channel.


🔮 Social Logs
With Cloe you can get your discord up to date with your social media accounts. (Currently Only Twitch)


… and sooo much more!
Stop using 20 bots for your server. Use Cloe.
What are you waiting for? Invite Cloe today!

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