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Servers: 91
Users: unknown
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Prefix: !
Created by: BlizZar#4148
Short link: discord.ly/colress
This bot is used to be able to assign roles by emotes. For example you can use it to put a role after reading a server regulation.

Bot features:

  • Assign roles from emotes

  • Other functions to come such as a level system or a welcome system

Prefix of bot is “!” and for have help : “!help”

All commands includes :

  • !addRole / EMOJI / ROLE -> assign an emoji to a role

  • !removeRole / ROLE -> Remove the role

  • !list -> send the list of assigned emojis

  • !json -> server config

  • !setVerif -> Define the current fair as a verification channels

  • !setSelector -> Add / Remove the current salon from the list of selection channels

  • !add -> add the current server (/! \ don’t do it if the server already exists)

  • !mp / on or off -> Choose is bot send mp or no.

  • !lang / fr or en -> Choose language for bot (only english and french for the moment)