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Moderator, Fun, Music, And much more

Easy To Use

There are no complicated command in this bot.if you dont understand any command by mistake type c!help , bot will send description and usage of the command.

24/7 Online

ControlCit hosting is very amazing, It's have she own host so it will be on 24/7, There is nothing to worry about hosting in ControlCit. It have ultimate hosting (not ultimate but It's good)

Music Commands

ControlCit have amazing music commands with high sound quality.Some of the music commands are play,pause,resume,skip, etc. Moderator Commands

ControlCit contains moderator commands which can be used to kick, ban, tempmute, etc. You can easily moderate your server using ControlCit.

Fun Commands

ControlCit contains fun commands like 8ball, rate, pepe, rate and much more