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This bot is a very simple Copy and Paste utility. Copy formatting, transfer, send images, edit messages. (Bulk Copy Paste)
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CopynPaste Bot Information

This bot is a very simple Copy and Paste utility that allows for copying formatting, transferring message, sending images, and editing messages. (Copy Paste).


//help - Display a list of commands

//copy [Message ID] [Channel ID] [Send to Channel ID] - Used to copy a message from one channel/server to another channel/server

//copycode [Message ID] [Channel ID] [Send to Channel ID]or[Type DM to received DM] - Sends the message in the code markup format rather than a normal copy.

//copyembed [Message ID] [From Channel ID] [To Channel ID] - Copies the contents of an embed to specified channel.

//copyembedcode [Message ID] [From Channel ID] [To Channel ID]or[Type DM to received DM] - Copy the formatting of an embed message to a channel.

//bulkcopy - This command will issue a series of questions that will allow you to copy and transfer more than one message at once.

//bulkcopycode - Initiates interacive sequence that will allow you to copy and transfer more than one message format at once.

//edit [Message ID] [Channel ID] [New Message] - Used to edit messages sent by the bot system. Please keep in mind this cannot edit any other user’s message.

//editembed [Message ID] [Channel ID] [New Message] - Edits the contents of the specified embed.

//send [Channel ID] [Message] - Send a message to a channel.
//createembed - Initiate an interactive sequence to create an embed message.

//sendembed [Channel ID] [Message] - Send a message to a channel as an embed.

//sendimage [Image URL] [Send to Channel ID] - Used to send an image to a channel from the internet.

//setembedtitle [Message ID] [Channel ID] [Title] - Edits/Adds an embed title to the specified embed.

//setembedcolor [Message ID] [Channel ID] [Decimal Color Code] - Set the color of a specific embed by designating a decimal color code to use. To find color codes, go to https://spycolor.com/ or https://convertingcolors.com/, search a color, find the decimal section of the page, and then copy that value.

//clear [Amount] - Delete designated amount of messages from current channel.

//config show - Display the current server configurations.

//config set prefix [Desired Setting] - Change the server config.

//support - Learn how to get more help/submit suggestions/report bugs.

For support or suggestions please follow the correct guidelines detailed in the support discord server. Please be sure to treat all users you find here with respect and proper manners.

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