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General moderation and music bot.
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= Chat Bot Info =
.help :: Display help for a command.
.info :: Provides some information about this bot.
.ping :: Runs a connection test to Discord.
.invite :: Displays the join guild link of the bot.
.stats :: Provides some details about the bot and stats.

= User Settings =
.userconf :: Define per-user settings.
=Music Commands=
= General =
.add :: Adds a song the the queue.
.autoplay :: Toggle the autoplayer.
.join :: Joins the message author’s voice channel.
.leave :: Leaves the voice channel.
.pause :: Pauses the current song.
.play :: Let’s start the queue!
.playing :: Get information from the current song.
.prune :: Prune the queue list.
.queue :: Check the queue list.
.remove :: Remove a song from the queue list.
.restart :: Clears the music handler.
.skip :: Skip the current song.
.resume :: Resumes the current song.
.time :: Check how much time is left for the song to end.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.