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All statistics, all deaths, all cases, all critical cases, for any country, only with Corona Tracker BOT.
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📍Hello guys, this is my first ever made Discord bot📍

🔮I would love to see all your ideas about this small project I own🔮

🎁I started this when I was looking for some statistics on Google but I couldn’t find something good and updated🎁

🎉You can invite it anywhere you like to see some Covid-19 statistics. If you like this bot, you can support me by sending me some good vibes on discord!🎉

📛Hope you like my first project and hope you’ll enjoy it.📛

/help - Shows all the commands.
/check <country> - Shows all the statistics for a country.

📌Support Server - https://discord.gg/NbUR2sr📌

📌Support Moderator - blaze#5076📌

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