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Full IrenicTheUnfunny Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Moderation commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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IrenicTheUnfunny Discord Bot Described:

A Moderation bot that includes creating and deleting channels, telling you the weather, and much, much more

All the functions that Crystal has:

addanc: A command to add an announcement to any channel you enter

How to use: ~addanc <channel> <announcement>

addcha: A command to create a channel(The channel will won’t create in a certain category yet, you’ll have to add it to there

How to use: ~addcha <channel_name>

addrole: A command to create a role with a color

How to use: ~addrole <color> [name]

addvoi: a command to create a voice channel

How to use: ~addvoi <channel_name>

avatar(av): a command to show anyone’s profile picture

How to use: ~[avatar|av] [avamember]

ban: a command to ban a user

How to use: ~ban <member> [reason]

chnick: a command to change someone’s nickname

How to use: ~chnick <member> <nick>

clear: A command to clear a certain amount of messages

How to use: ~clear <amount>

delban: a command to ban then immediately unban a user, to clear the user’s messages

How to use: ~delban <member> [reason]

delcha: a command to delete a channel based on the id.

How to use: ~delcha <channel_id>

delrole: a command to delete a role

How to use: ~delrole <name>

delwarn: a command to delete a warn of a user

How to use: ~delwarn <user> [amount]

dmwarn(dmw, dmwar): A command to warn a user through dm’s

How to use: ~[dmwarn|dmw|dmwar] <member> <warning>

giverole: a command to give a user a role

How to use: ~giverole <role> <user>

help: it-it takes you here, how did you het here in the first place then?

How to use: ~help

invite: Pretty self-explanatory, it will give you a link to add the bot to your server

psst, invite my bot pls

How to use: ~invite

kick: a command to kick a user

How to use: ~kick <member> [reason]

lockdown: a command to lock a channel(in case of a spammer or something idk)

How to use: ~lockdown

membercount: counts the amount of members in a server

How to use: ~membercount

mute: mutes a user

How to use: ~mute <member> [reason]

poll: A command to make a poll

How to use: ~poll <message>

slowmode: a command to add a slowmode to a channel

How to use: ~slowmode <seconds>

takerole: A command to take a role from a user

How to use: ~takerole <role> <user>

tempban: a command to temporary ban a user

How to use: ~tempban <member> <time> [reason]

tempmute: A command to temporary mute someone

How to use: ~tempmute <member> <time> [reason]

timer: A person not doing something you say? Set a timer so he will do it in that time

How to use: ~timer <seconds>

unban: a command to unban a user

How to use: ~unban <user>

Example: ~unban Orangelemon#6087

unlock: a command to unlock a channel

How to use: ~unlock

warn: A command to warn a user

How to use: ~warn <user> [reason}

warns: A command to check the amount of warns a user has

How to use: ~warns <user>

weather: A command to check the weather in a certain city

How to use: ~weather <city>

whois: A command to get info about a user

How to use: ~whois <user>

DM me if there are any bugs or suggestions: Agony#1192

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add IrenicTheUnfunny Discord Bot to my server?

You can add IrenicTheUnfunny to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add IrenicTheUnfunny Discord Bot' on this page.

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