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An advanced CS:GO Case opener. Collect items, buy & sell items on the market.
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An advanced CS:GO Case opener. (Case Simulator) This bot allows you to collect virtual CS:GO skins in your unlatch inventory.

Our bot is made with user friendliness in mind and is easy to use, but powerful and advanced.

What does our bot do?

  • Our bot simulates a CS:GO case opener, with a working market, inventory system, economy.


  • Buy cases with your virtual CS:GO coins

  • Inspect items with c!info {ItemID} to see weapon statistics

  • Purchase cases with your virtual currency and open them with c!open {CaseName}

  • View current listings for weapons and purchase them with your virtual currency with c!market

  • Collect items you unbox/purchase with c!items

  • Start off with 1000 free coins with first time use


c!invite - Invite our bot to other servers

c!start - Begin your CS case opening jounery

c!cases - List of all of your cases

c!info {ItemID} - Displays the image and statistics on your item. Do c!inv to view the items and their ItemIDs

c!items - Displays your current items in your inventory

c!open {CaseName} - Opens a case. Do c!cases to view your case list

c!balance {Optional: Tag a user} - Displays your coins balance. Or tag a user to display their balance

c!daily - Collect your daily coin allowance

c!market - Display the current market items for sale by real people

c!market buy {ItemID} - Buy an item from the market. To get the ItemID do

c!market and the ID is displayed with each item

c!market sell {ItemID} - Sell an item onto the market. To get the ItemID do c!inv and the ID is displayed with each item

c!shop {Optional: CaseName} - Purchase a case with your current balance

c!credits - Credits for the developers

- Beginner instructions -

  • Do c!start to gain your first 1000 coins


  • Need anymore help? Do c!help or join our support server.

What are you waiting for? Start opening now!

Any case images/gifs belong to the game CS:GO and valve.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.