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Hearthstone bot, search through a database to find information about the cards.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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This bot uses Hearthstone card information available at Hearthpwn’s website.

Search through a database of 8700~ card/hero entries(Patch with a name to find the specific one you want.
If it doesn’t find it, it will try to give you a list of cards with similar name.

Use a deckstring to recieve a list over cards in the deck.
This bot can also solve basic math and supports most common operators, exponentiation, and negative numbers.

Type !thun help dm to get the commands with full description as direct message.

C’thun Commands

  • !thun help
    Get a list over commands. You can also append another command behind it to get usage info.

  • !thun
    Get C'thun to say something!

  • c’thun
    Invoke C'thun's reaction.

  • !thun deck [deckstring]
    Decodes a deckstring to recieve an embed of all the cards in the deck.

  • !thun card
    Posts a random hearthstone card in the form of a discord embed.

  • !thun search [word]
    Enter a part of, or full name to perform a search. Yields a maximum of 10 results. Result input lasts only for 60 seconds.

  • !thun math [expression]
    Enter an expression to make C'thun solve it. Supports most common operators, exponentiation, and negative numbers.

  • !thun keyword [keyword]
    These are card keyword commands to bring up a description of what each keyword means.

  • !thun stats
    Stats and other info about the bot.

  • !thun changelog
    Changelog over the most recent couple of changes.

  • !thun import [hearthpwn_username]
    Experimental command. Imports decks from Hearthpwn and embeds it like the deck command.

  • !thun meta [archetype/deck] [rank]
    Using available data from metastats.Get win-rate and deck information based on highest win-rate archetypes and decks.

Commands are case-insensitive and without square-brackets

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.