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This bot has over 60 commands and has 10 Categorys! Cupcake can be used to help grow your server it has command like moderation, fun, auto-partnering, currency and much more! This discord bot also features a variety of customizable features. This bot also features a welcome feature with an embed an other cool stuff. The bot is also being used by 1200+ users! We are also currenctly working on an online website for this bot which will soon be added


Although this bot is not that focused on moderation it still has the basic commands which include, kick, ban, mute, purge, unmute and unban.


Cupcake Dopz Bot has many games this includes a counting feature, akinator, guess the number!, hangman, would-you-rather-game and more will be added soon!


This may be the most popular feature about the bot, it has over 15 Fun commands! This list includes commands such as 8ball, talk to the bot, poke-dex, some image commands which includes a meme command, custom-jokes and just so much more!


This is a currency name the bot uses, it can be earned by working, coin flips, random Zoins bombs!, daily rewards, and slots. This currency is global that means it is spread across all server which also means the add, remove commands are limited to bot admin only!


Cupcake bot is also known for utility, it has a suggestion feature with like and dislike, it has a welcome/leave system (which is an embed and customisable!), embed command, poll command, and so much more!

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