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Prefix: ** (customizable)
Created by: Shahriyar#9770
Short link: discord.ly/custom-commands
A bot to make unlimited custom commands.

Custom Commands maker

An advanced discord custom command maker bot. Make unlimited custom commands easily with no restriction. Easy management.


  • Using custom commands bot you can create 5 types of customizable/editable command.
    • Embed (sends embed) ?
    • Text (Sends a text message)
    • Give role (Gives role)
    • Remove role (Removes role)
    • Toggle role (Toggle role)
  • Command content can be dynamic using variables. There are predefined variables available to make work easy. Also custom variables can be created and predefined variables can be overriden. (Custom variables can only be created by server administrators)
  • Command approval system. Any server member can create their own commands but they need to be approved by server manager or an administrator.
  • Commands can have multiple aliases. So you dont need to make different command that do the same job. Just make one and alias that command with others.
  • Like other bot commands, custom command have help. By default every command has own help, which is automatically generated according to command type. But a command owner can customize help for custom command.
  • Command name can be changed anytime to any available names.
  • command ownership can be changed to anyone in the server to give him full access to that command.
  • More Features will be in future
  • Kicking/Baning the bot will cause data loss. All the command and aliases will be deleted the moment you kick the bot from your server.


The help command of bot (**help) describes everything but for detailed help on each type of command, management and editing Official docs for custom command can be found here. Custom commands docs

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