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A Bot to replace your long lost Father
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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The Bot does not function like normal bots and does not use a prefix. instead it uses a regex which means to activate any command you need to mention the bot.

Example: @dadbot help


  • help : makes dad give you a helping hand as to what he can do
  • info : Provides some Information on the Bot


  • good joke : makes dad tell you aactually good joke
  • dad joke : makes Dad tell you a good ol Dad Joke
  • mom gay : makes the bot react to the age old your mom gay
  • dab : Makes Dad do a Dab
  • joke : makes dad tell you a joke
  • catch : makes the bot play Catch with you
  • daddy : calls dad daddy ;)
  • chicken nuggets : makes dad eat chicken nugges with you
  • proud : Asks the bot if he is proud of you
  • ? : Asks Dad a question


  • toggle : toggles a Server Setting. Use: ```toggle [setting]``` if you dont provide a setting it will list all possible settings instead
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.