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Save and organise music shared in Discord, sync to Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube & more.
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A Discord bot for every music lover →

? Never Miss a Post
Invite Daily Fire to any channel and it will save a history of every track shared.

? Sync to Playlists
Each post is synced to Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube, allowing you to follow along without interrupting your flow.

? Curate Playlists
Daily Fire not only saves the tracks you post, it makes them interactive and collaborative!
Like tracks to save them for later, Follow your peers to create a custom feed and maintain a list of your own posts.
If you are a Spotify user you can even have your Likes, Follows and Posts synced as custom playlists.

Daily Fire aims to promote the sharing and discussion of music, because music is better shared!

Peace, Love & ?

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