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A bot primarily focussed on information and having fun with friends! Contains moderation commands, per-server configuration and logging features!
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How do I use Daisuke?

Daisuke’s default prefix is d-, but can be changed through the d-prefix command. Alternatively, mentioning the bot is always an available option and can never be disabled - regardless of whether the prefix has been changed or not.
To see the full list of commands that you can run at your permission level - see the section below for more detail, run d-help. To see more information about a specific command, run d-help <command> (e.g. d-help ping).

What is Daisuke?

Daisuke is a bot created by AttributeError#2513 that is focussed around having fun with friends, listening to music, and providing information to you, the user!

What can Daisuke do?

Play music videos found on YouTube

  • d-play <search | video/playlist URL> - if you enter a search query, Daisuke will search YouTube for results that match what you have entered. If you provide a playlist URL, Daisuke will grab all videos in that playlist and play them in the current voice channel. Specifying just one video URL will have Daisuke play that specific video in the current voice channel.

Provide information about specific users or the server:

  • d-userinfo [@mention] - show information about yourself or the mentioned user. Information provided includes (but is not limited to):
    • Current status (either Chilling in ? status if no game is detected, or their current game status if there is).
    • Key permissions (e.g. Administrator, Manage Server, Manage Messages, etc.)
    • Acknowledgements that give them extra permissions within Daisuke (e.g. Server Moderator will allow them to run moderator-only commands).
  • d-guildinfo - show information about the current server. Information provided includes (but is not limited to):
    • the owner’s tag, mention, and ID.
    • the roles that are available within the server.
    • the emojis that are available within the server.

Have fun with friends with the action commands:

  • d-pat [@mention] - either pat the specified user, or Daisuke will pat you if no user is specified.
  • d-hug [@mention] - either hug the specified user, or Daisuke will hug you if no user is specified.
  • There are many more action commands available, and they can be seen by using d-help.

Provide extensive moderation support:

  • d-warn <@user> [reason] - warn the user with an optional reason.
  • d-kick <@user> [reason] - kick the user with an optional reason.
  • d-mute <@user> [duration (1d2h3m4s)] [reason] - mute the user for a set duration (or indefinitely) with an optional reason. NOTE: This requires a muted role to be setup with the d-mutedrole command.
  • d-softban <@user> [reason] - soft-bans the specified user. A soft-ban is where the user is banned, clearing their last 7 days of messages, then unbanned and reinvited to the server.
  • d-ban <@user> [reason] - bans the specified user without clearing any of their recent messages.
  • d-hardban <@user> [reason] - hard-bans the specified user. A hard-ban is where the user is banned, and their last 7 days of messages are cleared.
  • d-modlogs [page] - allows you to view moderation cases (starting from the most recent) for the current server.

Make it your experience!

Thanks to per-server configuration options, you are able to customise the bot to your liking! You can enable what events get logged, you can change the prefix for your server, and you can configure what commands are enabled or disabled. All of this will be available in the web dashboard when it is released.

This is by no means an extensive list of the features Daisuke has, and only scrapes the surface. To see a full list of what Daisuke can do, invite him to your server and run d-help! More information for a command can be found by running d-help [command] (e.g. d-help pat).

Upcoming Features

I am currently working on a web dashboard for Daisuke. This will remove the clunky and mildly confusing settings commands, making the configuration process so much easier for server owners. If you do happen to need help configuring Daisuke, you’re welcome to join the Support Server and ask for help.

Bugs and Suggestions

Bugs can be reported within the Support Server, and suggestions can also be filed there too! Note that all bugs/errors are automatically reported back to the developers, and therefore reporting a bug is not essential.

Permission Levels

There are a couple of permission levels that allow you access to different commands. These are detailed below:

  • Server Moderator
    • This is granted to a user if they have one of the following permissions:
      • Manage Messages
      • Manage Roles
      • Manage Channels
      • Manage Webhooks
      • Manage Nicknames
      • Manage Server
      • Kick Members
      • Ban Members
      • Mention @everyone, @here and All Roles
    • This permission level grants users access to moderation commands. Each moderation command will require that they have a set permission, which can be found in d-help [command].
  • Server Owner
    • This is granted to the owner of the server.
    • This permission level grants the user exemption from moderation and the kill and slap action commands.
  • Daisuke Developer
    • This is granted to anyone who has the Daisuke Developers role within the Support Server.
    • This grants access to all commands within a server, including moderation and any disabled commands.
    • See the disclaimer below surrounding this permission level.

The boring but necessary part

Information Collection Disclaimer

Daisuke logs whenever a command is run, and when doing so logs some information about you (the person running the command), the guild/server it was run in, and the channel it was run in. An example of what Daisuke logs is shown:

Example command log

Daisuke Developer Access Disclaimer

Daisuke Developers have access to your server at all times. This means that we are able to create invites in order to join your server should we need to for troubleshooting purposes. However, we never do this without your prior permission and/or asking for an invite first. Upon joining your server Daisuke Developers will have access to every command, regardless of permissions set within your server, or disabled commands and/or modules. The Daisuke Developers will never exploit these permissions in conjunction with the Discord Terms of Service and abusing the API.

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