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Command reminders, Dank Memer guides, calculators, heist starter, gambling tracker & tons of tools to run a Dank Memer server.
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Dank Assistant

Dank Assistant is a companion bot of the largest currency bot on Discord, Dank Memer.

We offer different Dank Memer related utilities, calculators and tools to help you or your server.

Feature Showcase
Command Reminders - Grind efficiently Command Reminders showcase image
Dank Memer related calculators, such as tax calculator, prestige calculator, daily bonus calculator and much more - no more hassle with creating Carl-bot tags. Taxcalc showcase image Dailycalc showcase image
Comprehensive Guides on Dank Memer - Excel in Dank Memer quickly: secret multi list, badges list and much more! Guide showcase image

and much more! Trusted by thousands of thousands of Dank Memer servers, such as The Dank Kingdom, THE TITANS, Rishab’s Café, Fight Hub and more! (click to check out how they configurated Dank Assistant!)

This isn’t the inclusive list of Dank Assistant’s feature. Run d!help in to view the full list!

For server owners:

Feature Showcase
Heist Event Manager - A better heist event experience for your server members Heist Event Manager Showcase

Still not convinced? Hear what people say about us!

I love this bot for all of its useful commands. It’s got guides for everything, trade prices, and so much more. Back when it had blackjack assist, it was the most unique bot on Discord, and even with it gone, still remains one of the best. This bot is highly recommended by yours truly if you are looking to start your own Dank Memer community, or just want to compliment Dank Memer in your existing server.

BeanJR#0001, server owner of BeanJR’s Community.

An amazing bot, that has truly helped me come from rags to riches on my dank memer journey. 100% recommend to new dank memer users! thanks devs for making this bot!

Kyro#4857, a Dank Memer player

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