Dank Memer Discord Bot Commands

Discover the full list of Dank Memer Bot commands with this comprehensive guide. Easily navigate through the commands and find the perfect one for your needs. View Dank Memer Discord Bot
Command Description
/8ball question Ask the magik 8ball a question
/achievements View your progress towards achievements.
/advancements prestige Start most stats fresh for some small benefits.
/advancements omega Start almost entirely fresh for some clout and benefits.
/advancements upgrades View and purchase upgrades to your gameplay.
/advancements levels View the current level rewards.
/advancements vote View the current vote level rewards.
/adventure Exchange a ticket for an interactive adventure!
/alert Read the last important message from the developers.
/animals type Get animal images!
/audit See who has made changes to Dank Memer's settings in your server.
/automeme set webhook interval Set the automeme webhook.
/automeme remove Remove an existing automeme job.
/badges list View your progress towards unlockable badges.
/badges manage Manage your badges.
/balance user See someone's balance. Pocket, bank, and net worth.
/bankrob user Gather a large group of people to rob someone's bank account!
/beg Beg for coins to help bolster your pocket balance.
/blackjack Take your chances and test your skills at blackjack.
/block add user Block a user
/block remove user Unblock a user
/block list List all blocked users
/bundles list View all active bundles and your progress towards them.
/bundles complete bundle Complete a bundle by turning in all the items for it.
/clap text Make the bot say whatever you want with sass!
/compare user Compare yourself with another user.
/craft Craft items together to make different items!
/crime Commit a (fake) crime for items and coins, with some risk.
/currencylog See a complete log of all items and coins going in an out of your inventory.
/daily Each day you can get an injection of coins and maintain a streak.
/deposit amount Deposit coins into your bank out of your pocket.
/dig Dig in the dirt for bugs and other fun items.
/disableuse user user item Disable use for a user
/disableuse server item Disable use for whole server
/disableuse channel channel item Disable use for a channel
/disableuse role role item Disable use for a role
/disableuse list List all disable use rules
/disableuse remove rule_number Remove a disable use rule
/donor status View your premium status.
/donor premiumserver add Add a premium server.
/donor premiumserver remove id Remove a premium server.
/donor premiumserver list List the servers you made premium.
/drops See upcoming drop sales and buy any that might be active.
/farm view user View the farm.
/fish Grab a fishing pole from the shop and go fishing for some fun items!
/flow record Record a flow to playback later.
/flow list List all your flows.
/flow start flow Start a flow.
/friends add user Add a friend.
/friends remove user Remove a friend.
/friends list List your current friends.
/friends inspect user Inspect a friendship.
/friends share items user quantity item Share items with your friend.
/friends share coins user quantity Share coins with your friend.
/friends share pet user pet Share a pet with your friend.
/gamble Make a bet and roll two dice against the bot, whoever has the higher roll wins.
/game fight user Fight to the death!
/game tictactoe user Play a nice calm game of tic tac toe with your mates.
/game rps user Play a nice calm game of rock paper scissors with your mates.
/game connect4 user Play a nice calm game of connect4 with your mates.
/game petfight user Fight with your pet!
/giveaway create items quantity item winners hours server message Create a giveaway with items as the prize.
/giveaway create coins quantity winners hours server message Create a giveaway with coins as the prize.
/giveaway view View random active global giveaways.
/help command command Check more details about a certain command.
/help categories See commands sorted by category and what they do!
/help tutorial command See specific short form tutorials on some commands
/help tip See a random helpful tip!
/help start Learn to get started with Dank Memer!
/help table name See a loot table for a specific command
/highlow Guess if the number is higher or lower and if you're right you get coins. Jackpot wins big!
/hunt Grab a rifle from the shop and go hunting for fun items!
/image type user1 user2 text Generate various images!
/inventory user page View somebody's inventory. Leave the user argument empty to view your own.
/invite Get an invite for the bot or to the support server. Also some extra common links to use!
/item item See more detailed info on a specific item.
/itemleaderboard item scope Check who has the most of an item.
/leaderboard name scope Check various leaderboards for some fun stats.
/lootboxes A link to buy lootboxes which can pay out well if you're lucky.
/lottery buy tickets Buy lottery tickets for the hourly lottery.
/lottery auto tickets Automatically enter the lottery every hour.
/market post for_items type quantity item for_quantity for_item days allow_partial private Post an offer with items in return.
/market post for_coins type quantity item for_coins days allow_partial private Post an offer with coins in return.
/market view item_filter View current market offers, use the item filter to search for a specific item.
/market remove id Remove a market offer you own.
/market accept id quantity Accept a market offer.
/market edit for_items id quantity item Edit an offer with items in return.
/market edit for_coins id coins Edit an offer with coins in return.
/marriage view View your partner.
/marriage levels View marriage levels.
/marriage divorce Divorce with your partner.
/meme type Get a meme!
/monthly Each month, you can run this for a large sum of coins.
/multipliers Check your current coin multipliers within the bot.
/notifications list page List all notifications.
/notifications search query Search for notifications.
/notifications view id View a specific notification.
/partners See some partner servers where there is a lot of similar Dank Memer users!
/pets view View your pets and their stats.
/pets care Take care of your pets like a decent pet owner.