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deerkins is a robot that can do everything a deer can do. it can post deer and it can multiply. thanks.

This is a bot from back on Rizon, on IRC, from #saovq.
If you post .deerme, it will react with a deerkins emoji.
If you post .deerme deer, it will post a large, spammy, emoji and very VIP deer in the chat.
If you post .multiply 2 5, it will calculate 2 times 5 and give you the result.
deerkins can be very spammy, especially with the .deerme deer command. If you don’t want your server filled with an ancient joke, either limit the bot to certain channels or don’t add it at all.

Thanks to pihl and halcy on IRC, as well as worldeggplant and happy-box on Github.

If the bot is down, poke Chocobro#7693 on Discord.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.