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Created by: IceTheDev™#0606
DirtyWeed Bot is a weed bot able to randomly get images and post to your discord chat fast and easy to add also easy to use

DirtyWeed Bot Help -Commands List- dw!help Displays help. dw!invite get Bot invite Link To your discord dw!uptime Displays how long the bot has been up. dw!cannabis Cannabis Images dw!grow Gowing Canabis Images dw!outgrow Out Doors Growing Images dw!glass All difrent Images of Glass dw!dabs Dab Rigs and Dab oils Images dw!lsd Lsd Images dw!vape Vape Images dw!rolling The Art Of Rolling Images dw!shroom Get Trippy with shrooms Images dw!dmt Dmt Images MORE IS COMMING SOON