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Unique decentralized, global economy bot with a realistic economy controlled by the users.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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Disconomy | Decentralized global economy bot

Why use this over others?
Not only is it the only decentralized global economy bot, Disconomy also has many features that you can’t find anywhere else! Some of the feature are explained below.

💪 The users control the market!
Almost all items are produced and sold by users, so they control the prices. There’s little regulation in the market. The more providers, the more competition there is. They also have to compete for workers because people will try to get higher wages. As the bot grows, more opportunities come, so there’s more economic stimulation and profit.

💪 Invest with real, live data (stocks/crypto)!
You can use the bot to test investing in cryptocurrencies. If you’re already into investing you can invest in what you think will go up. All the prices for stocks and cryptos are the actual live values.

💪 Create your own business!
There are many types of businesses to create: factories, mines, banks, and more. More are also coming, because it adds more decentralized aspects. If you work/vote/invest you can make a lot of money. You can use that to open a business and make more money along with controlling more of the market. If you have a big, active server though, you may get subsidized to employ your members.

Commands to start with
e!help , e!tutorial
e!daily , e!vote , e!beg , e!work
e!jobs available
e!job apply laborer <company name>

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