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Easy-to-Use - Advanced Music Bot | 7/24 ONLINE

Start using the “>help” command.
Prefix: >

Command List

play --> Plays audio from YouTube.

playlist --> Play a playlist from YouTube.

shuffle --> Shuffle queue.

queue --> Show the music queue and now playing.

skip --> Skip the currently playing song.

skipto --> Skip to the selected queue number.

support --> You can join us DiscordSong Support Server https://discord.gg/9RQkYgT

invite --> Invite DiscordSong Bot.

For any questions about the bot, please contact us on the support server. If you find bugs please report them to me as soon as possible.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.




Prefix: >
Servers: unknown
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Created by: meth#3144
Short link: discord.ly/discordsong