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Discythe is a bot that powers a game-like system for you to glean, train, study and level up to become the best Scythe around!
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~ About Discythe ~

Discythe is a bot with many features, and more coming every update. It is a bot that powers a game for you to glean, train, study and level up to become the best Scythe around.

Official Site (discythe.com)

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~ Basic Commands ~

Command ( {} = required, <> = not required) Description
!help Get a full list of all commands
!apply Run this once you add the bot to become a Scythe
!prefix <prefix> Change the prefix (this changes your personal prefix)
!support Join the official Discythe support server
!botinfo Learn more about the bot
!glean Glean people (Cooldown: 5 minutes)
!train Train to get stronger (Cooldown: 10 minutes)
!study Study to become more intelligent (Cooldown: 10 minutes)
!daily Collect your daily reward (Cooldown: 24 hours)
!shop (Coming Soon!) Shop for new robes and weapons
!info or !about <@mention> See information/stats on yourself or another user
!leaderboard {points, coins, strength, or intel} See a leaderboard based on the data you specified

~ Compete With Other Scythes ~

  • Collect the most of a category of items each month for special rewards!
  • View the leaderboards for the users with the most points, strength, coins, and intelligence.
  • Enter giveaways in the support server for chances to win big.

~ Get 24/7 Support ~

Join the Discythe support server for help when you need it, and also gain access to a friendly community, frequent giveaways, update information, and much more.

~ Discythe Premium ~

Want to further support the development and maintenance of Discythe? We’ve got a patreon page for that! Not only will you help support us, you will also receive various perks for doing so. Check it out at: https://patreon.com/discythe

Discythe is a bot by colem.dev (@colecci) and @nan0bot

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.