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A multipurpose Discord bot that covers all your needs.

Fun Commands:
allstar ayy bet cat catfact chat cry dog duck emojiimage emojisteal engrish fact flatearth gamergirl kiss leet liedetector love math mcachievement mchead oof oofception owo owoify pikaoh punch randomcolor randomnumber randompicture ree reverse rhyme rickroll rip scree ship spacify spoilerify spoilerletter spritecranberry toycat typing whatthecommit why yeet

Game Commands:
minesweeper rockpaperscissors

General Commands:
8ball aes256ctr application base64 botinv commands convert createemoji createtag cursed dashboard deaes256ctr discordjsdocs edittag emojis fetchmessage github gnome google hextorgb info invite level log members note npmsearch passwordstrength personality ping poll profile pvtsubgap randomjoke randomsentence remind removetag say send tenorsearch test tochannelsay toms urbandictionary visualisehex wikipedia youtube

Moderation Commands:
addrole ban check configure createchannel forceban kick listbans mute mutechannel pin purge region removerole tempban tempmute unban unmute unmutechannel warn

Money Commands:
buy mine sell stone

Music Commands:
lyrics spotify

System Commands:
bug dependencies dependencylist destroy eval execute files help load openeval publicip reload sendfile status sync unload

Utility Commands:
changelog serverinfo userinfo

Weeb Commands:
baka cuddle hug kitsu loli pat poke shota slap smug tickle

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Prefix: cy.
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: ItachiU#9334
Short link: discord.ly/dixy