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A bot that has Basic Moderation , Music , Fortnite Stats , Weather , Apex Stats
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?ban <@user> = Bans a member from the server.

?kick <@user> = Kicks a user from the server.

?mute <@user> = Mutes a user in the server.

?unmute <@user> = Unmutes a user in the server.

?invite = Generates the invite link for the bot.

?say = Broadcasts a message in the channel.

?addrole <@user> = Adds a role to a User.

?removerole <@user> = Removes a role from a User.

?softban <@user> = Soft bans a user from the server.

?ping = Gets the ping of the server and bot.

?help = Displays all the commands of the server.

?suggest = Logs a suggestion to the server.

?status = Changes the status of the bot.

?warn <@user> = Warns a user.

?warnings <@user> = Displays all the past warnings of a user.

?clearwarnings <@user> = Clears all the warnings of a user.

?play = Plays a song from YouTube

?skip = Skips the current song

?stop = Stops the music and clears the queue

?np = Messages the song that is currently playing

?queue = Messages the current song queue

?pause = Pauses the current song

?resume = Resumes the current song

?volume <volume 1-10> = Changes the volume of the bot.

?fortnite <pc,xb1,psn> = Retrieves the Fortnite stats from Fortnite Tracker for a user.

?apex <platform (pc, psn, xb1) = The Apex legends stats from Apex legends Tracker for a user.

?weather = Receives the weather forecast for a city.

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