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This is a Radio streaming Bot. That play internet radio streams to discord. Currently plays several radio stations + IHeartRadio

Donut Radio Bot

Donut is a Discord bot that plays internet radio station


  • Plays Radio Stations
  • Show info about Discord and Bot


Radio Commands

Name Description Usage aliases
Radio Info Get Radio links ~radio-info ~ri
Radio Now Playing See what radio is currently playing ~rnp None
Radio Play a radio station ~radio <link> ~play-radio <link>
IHeart Radio Play IHeart Radio ~iheart <genre> ~ih ~heart
Stop Stop playing the radio ~stop ~end

Music Commands

Name Description Usage aliases
Play Play IHeart Radio ~play <playlist name or song keyword> ~beats <playlist name or song keyword>
Playlist edit playlist or look at it ~playlist <create, add, delete, remove, upload, view> None
Playlists View Public or private playlists ~playlists ~list
Summon Make bot join the Voice Channel you are in. ~summon ~join
Leave Make bot leave you Voice Channel ~disconnect ~leave
Loop loop the queue or song ~loop <queue or song> ~infinite <queue or song>
Now Playing See what is currently playing ~now-playing ~np
Queue Check the queue ~queue None
Skip Skip the current song ~skip ~next
Volume Raise of lower the volume ~volume < 0 - 100 > ~sound < 0 - 100 >
Lyrics Get lyrics to a song ~lyrics [song name + artist] ~words [song name + artist]

Info Commands

Name Description Usage aliases
Botinfo Shows info about bot ~botinfo ~bi
Help Shows all of the commands ~help ~h
Ping Sends bot response time ~ping ~pi
Server List See what servers the bot is in ~serverlist ~si
Uptime See how long bot has been awake for ~uptime ~ut

Support Commands

Name Description Usage aliases
Submit Bug Submit Bug to Developer ~submit-bug ~bug
Help Give suggestion ~suggest ~sug
Ping Invite to Support Server ~support-server ~ss

Utility Commands

Name Description Usage aliases
Google Google Something ~botinfo ~g
Timer Make a timer s/m/h/d ~timer <s/m/h/d> ~t <s/m/h/d>

Info About Donut


Support Server



Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: ~
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Blaise#3003
Short link: discord.ly/donut