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▫️ Dorimo Bot is A Multi Purpose Bot to RUN COMMAND use our prefix d!

▫️ U Can type d!help to see our List Command!

▫️ List of Command!

Fun & Games

  • 8ball: Answer all question.
  • achievement: Get ur costum achievement.
  • ascii: Ascii some text.
  • deepfry: Deepfry someone picture.
  • drake: Make drake meme.
  • emojify: Emojify a message.
  • Much More…


  • ban: Bans the member.
  • giveaway: Create a simple giveaway.
  • avatar: Give avatar users result.
  • covid: Give covid stats.
  • google: Search something with lmgtfy.
  • Much More…


  • ban: Bans the member.
  • dm: Says a dm to people via the bot.
  • embed: Give an embed.
  • giveaway: Create a simple giveaway.
  • kick: Kick the members.
  • nickname: Set nickname bot.
  • Much More…


  • botinfo: Give an information of Bot.
  • help: Shows help about all or one specific command.


  • if u had a Suggestion or Bug Report! in HERE

Thanks ~ Qyll#7796

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.