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A comprehensive drug information and harm reduction bot.
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What is DoseBot?

DoseBot provides quick and easy access to truthful and comprehensive drug information.

What can DoseBot do?

  • --info [substance] Prints information on a [substance].
  • --effects [substance] Displays [substance] effects.
  • --effectinfo [effect] Displays additional information on a [effect].
  • --combos [substance] Displays a list of combinations for a given [substance].
  • --combotchart Displays the TripSit Combination Chart v4.0 (Revised November 2019)
  • --ketaminecalc [weight] (lbs/kg) Calculates Ketamine dosages by body weight.
  • --dxmcalc [weight] (lbs/kg) Calculates DXM dosages by body weight.
  • --psytolerance [days since last trip] Calculates approximate psychedelic tolerance by days since last trip.
  • --badtrip Provides some quick resources to help those having undesired or unpleasent experiences with psychedelics.
  • --bobross Links to a randomized Bob Ross episode, because who doesn’t love a good Bob Ross episode?

Data Notice

Honest and transparent drug information is paramount to safe usage, that’s why DoseBot sources its data from reputable and highly-trusted websites.


This bot was initially written in JavaScript by the late Gabriel Morris. The bot is now actively maintained by those listed on the --about page.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.